Motorola Razr Flip Full length touch screen : Unmistakable, Unexpected, Unparalleled – The pocket size of a flip phone fused with intelligence of a modern smartphone. New radically razr smartphone.

A Design Shatters the Status Quo

Razr fits comfortable in your palm or pocket when shut, an open flips open to reveal an immersive full length touch screen. The razr is a sleek modern smartphone unlike ant other.

Simplified, Complexity Razr transforms an industry challenge into an engineering breakthrough. Zero gap hinge allows razr to close with both sides perfectly flush, Cohesive design that also protects the main display.

Effortlessly in the know

The touch enabled quick view display allows you to see responds and move on play your music take selfies, see your notification and more – all without ever opening your smartphone.

Two screen – One Phone

Two display are made to work together. Whatever you see on quick view magically moves to the larger flex view display the moment you flip open.

Two Screen – One Phone

Cinematic Viewing

Movies and videos come to life in high definition on razr stunning flexible display featuring cinema vision bringing you the same ultra wide dimensions used by the film industry.

Great photographic says your story more authentically. Capture amazing photos you will be proud to share feature like night vision and built in artificial intelligent (AI) make it easy to get shot you love.

Power into tomorrow

A battery that lasts all days you wan’t have to worry about plugging in before bed. when you do need to recharge, Turbo Power gives you hours of power in just minutes.


Inside the Motorola Razr Flip Full length touch screen is loaded with powerful efficient technology. Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor is designed to handle everything you need. Never worry about running out of room either with 128GB storage. space for Apps, photos, songs, movies, and etc..

Water Repellent

Splashes or a little sweat get in the way. whether you are going for a run (or) taking a call in the rain, a water repellent design Motorola Razr Flip Full length touch screen protected inside and outside.

Moto Experiences

Easier and faster to use moto smartphone. Display gives you a quick preview of notification and updates, so you don’t have to unlock your mobile to see what’s going on. Moto actions lets you use simple gestures to make every day interaction more convenient.

Free Android

Android experience as it was meant to be no duplicate application. No clunky soft skin. An operating system that helps you without slowing you down.

Google Lens

Smart camera with Google lens can recognize text, so you can look up a dish right from the menu add events to your calendar get direction, call a number, translating words, and more..

Operating System : Android 9. pie

Memory RAM : 6GB

Internal Storage : 128GB

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, octa core 2.2GHz

Sensors : Fingerprint 
          Compass - Gyro
Camera : 16MP, f/1.7

Battery : 2510mAh, 15W TurboPower

Display : Main Display 
          Flex View - 6.2" ( foldable)
          HD (2142*876P) - 21:9 CINEMAVISION 
          External Display
          Quick View
          2.7" gOLED
          600*800P (4:3 Aspect Ratio)

Weight : 205g

Protection : Water proof
             Nano coating 

Google Gaming


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