MySQL Interview Questions and Answers

1. List three features of MySQL?

MySQL is easy and reliable for use. MySQL supports various programming languages like PHP, Java, Perl, and C++. MySQL supports standard SQL that means (Structured Query Language). These types of MySQL Interview Questions for fresher in an Interview.

2. What is the Language MySQL is been written with?
  • MySQL – C, C++
  • SQL parser – Yacc.
3. Mention technical specifications of MySQL?
  1. Drivers
  2. JSON Support
  3. Graphical Tools
  4. Flexible structure
  5. High performance
  6. Geo-Spatial Support
  7. OLTP and Transactions
  8. MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  9. MySQL Enterprise Security
  10. Manageable and easy to use
  11. Replication & High-Availability
  12. Manageability and Ease of Use
  13. Replication and high availability
  14. Security and storage management
4. Mention the table name that is present in MySQL?


5. What are the various types of triggers that are possible in MySQL?

Before Insert
After Insert
Before Delete
After Delete
Before Update
After Update

6. What is a TEXT and Blob in MySQL?

Blob: It is the acronym of the large binary object. It is used in holding the amount of variable data. Text:  It is the case-sensitive Blob. Text values are not binary strings. It has a character set, values stored and compared to based on the relation of a character set.

7. What are the types of TEXT in MySQL?
  • TEXT
8. List any three Disadvantages of MySQL?
  1. They are not sufficient for large scale databases.
  2. MySQL cannot support STORED PROCEDURES and COMMIT function version which is lesser than 5.0.
  3. The functionality of MySQL is primarily dependent on the addons.
9. How can you get the recent date of MySQL?

For getting the current date, we could use the following syntax, SELECT CURRENT_DATE();

10. What is the default port number of MySQL?

3306 is the default port number of MySQL

11. Name the tools through which we could draw E- diagrams for MySQL.

Case Studio
Smart Draw

12. Elucidate SQL Injection?

The SQL injection is code injection technique. It is used in attacking data-driven applications.

13. What is the role of MySQL check?

It is a Client program that is used in checking the integrity of the database tables.

14. Mention the advantages of the InnoDB over MyISAM?
  • The Advantages include,
  • Transactions
  • Row-level locking
  • Crash Recovery
  • Foreign key Constraints.
15. Explain MySQL dump?

This is the client program and it creates logical database backups. These are the Basic MySQL Interview Questions that are asked to a fresher and experienced candidate in an Interview.

16. What is the limit of the identifiers in MySQL?

Table 64bytes
Index 64 bytes
Column 64 bytes
Database 64 bytes
Alias 255 bytes

17. List the general MYSQL functions?


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