What is true wireless earphone? – Air buds

It is important to denote the term True Wireless earphone because the air buds that are not physically connected but connected by some technology. The earbuds are completely chargeable by charging case which is provided by the company while purchasing. The charging case also acts as a protective box which avoids missing of wireless device. The charging case also has the ability to store energy and can also recharge the device without a plug-in. The True wireless earphone is launched by Apple.inc in 2016 in the name of Apple Airpods. This created a revolutionary design in the industry.

Difference between a wireless earphone and true wireless earphone

In Market wireless earphone are also available but what is the main difference between these earphones. As mention in the above lines, the truly wireless earphone is completely wireless whereas the wireless earphones are connected between both the buds. Both earphones are completely chargeable. The main difference is the connection. The battery backup varies with these earphones. the wireless earphone takes more time to charge and gives good battery backup. In True wireless earphone takes a short time to charge and gives decent battery backup.

Advantage of True wireless air buds

The Main advantages of True wireless air buds are it’s a connection, which is completely wireless. The portability is also a major reason. Many companies are launch True wireless earphone with TWS technology, Which takes the air buds to the next level. The single bud can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker which helps to talk while driving a vehicle. The air buds are very handy and occupy less space in our pocket. The True wireless also has a big advantage is quick pairing. In Apple AirPods when you open the charging case, it automatically pairs up. The pairing time is very fast.

TWS Technology

The TWS stands for True Wireless stereo. This technology is used to stream different content simultaneously to L(Left)channel and R(right)channel. For Example, you can attend a phone with your Left channel and hear a song on your Right channel simultaneously. This technology is a unique feature for Bluetooth device. This technology also servers a good stereo effect without wires or cables. you will be getting the same stereo quality as you get in the wired earphone. Using this technology many companies launch their earbuds, on that way Realme has launched a New TWS earbuds called Realme buds air neo. We are going to compare this earbud with Xiaomi air buds 2 and Realme buds air.

Realme buds air neo

The Realme buds air neo is launched on May 25 2020. It is integrated with R1 True wireless chip. The chip provides a fast and stable connection using Google fast pair. It provides super-low latency and perfect audio sync while playing games and watching movies. The Realme claims that it reduces the latency by up to 51%. The device neo works on Bluetooth 5.0. The buds can also be controlled by touch gestures.

Double Tap – To answer a call | To Play and Pause

Triple Tap – To go Next song

Press and Hold(Anyone bud) -To End call | Activate Voice Assistant

Press and Hold(Both bud)- To Enter\Exit  Super Low latency

The size of the earbud is 13mm. It gives battery backup up to 17hrs when charging case is included otherwise gives 3 hrs on a single time charging. There are three colours available. The colours are White, Green, Red. The buds is integrated with single mic  The Buds does not support Auto wear detection and wireless charging. These are major features that do not support on Realme neo.

Realme buds air

The Realme buds air is the first true wireless earbud launched by Realme. It is also integrated with same R1 Chip which provides fast and stable connection. The Realme  support wear detection as it stops playing video or song when you remove from your ear. The driver size range 12mm. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0 and support Touch control. The buds are integrated with Dual Mic and support Wireless charging. The battery backup are as same as Realme buds air neo, gives backup up to 3 hours on single charging and 17 hours when charging case is included. There three colour variants available namely White, Black, Yellow.

Mi true wireless earphone 2

The Mi true Wireless earphone 2 driver size range 14.2mm bigger than anyone. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 and have universal compatibility. Like Realme buds air, it supports in-ear detection. It supports environmental noise cancellation. This earphone comes with a single colour, the colour white. only one disadvantage is do not support wireless charging. The battery backup on single time charging is 4 hours and 14 hours when charging case is included. It also has touch gesture which controls some functionality likely,

Double-tap (Right bud) – play/pause music

Double-tap (any bud) – To answer a Call

Double-tap (Left bud) – To activate the voice assistant

Comparison: Realme buds air neo VS Realme buds air VS Realme buds air


Realme buds air neo

Realme buds air

Realme buds air

Driver size 13mm 12mm 14.2mm
Auto -wear protection Do not support support support
Bluetooth 5.0 support support support
Touch Control support support support
Mic Single Mic Dual Mic Dual Mic
Wireless charging Do not support support Do not support
Battery Life
(Single charging)
up to 3 hours up to 3 hours up to 4 hours
Battery Life(charging case included) up to 17 hours up to 17 hours   up to 14 hours
Colours White, Green, Red White, Black, Yellow White
Pricing    Rs. 2,999 Rs.3,999 Rs.4,499



The Realme buds air neo is launched at budget price so there many cost cuttings like does not support auto wear protection and has only single mic. Wireless charging is also not supported. whereas the Mi true wireless earphone 2 is very costly but the battery backup is not good. The realme  neo gives up to 17 hours battery backup whereas the Mi true wireless earphone 2 gives only 14 hours charge but it gives 4 hours battery backup on single time charging. The realme buds air support Micro USB charging port but other two ear buds support Type-c port. It feel budget as a big barrier then go for Realme neo. If do not feel budget as a matter then go for Realme buds air. The Realme buds are very good with there design and available with multicolour choice but in Mi there is only one colour white. The Mi true wireless is larger than the other two buds.




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