Senses of “Responsibility” –

The virtue of professional responsibility is related with some other senses of responsibility. Moral judgment are based on the moral responsibility which is attributed to some one. More over moral judgment are also attributable with the following other senses of responsibility.

A virtue as a characteristic quality

If a person is said to be a responsible person, it means one attributes a moral virtue within oneself i.e. one is involved and interested in doing right things, does one’s duty with care and effort, meets the obligations with great care and attention and also carries out the duties by considering others. So professional responsibility is the central virtue of engineers.


Obligation is nothing but the moral responsibilities of a person. These responsibilities are the duties to carryout the right acts in a moral way. i.e. the responsibilities are to be accurate, realistic, fair and promoting justice. In connection with the functions of engineers, they have the responsibilities or obligations for doing regular inspections, identifying potential benefits and risks of tasks when compared with others. The virtue of professional responsibility exhibits the careful attention and effort to meet the responsibilities related to the work of a person.

General Moral capacities of people

When a responsibility is attributed to a person, particularly to his conduct, it is mainly based on the active capacity of that person which depends upon how he acts in morally suitable ways in performing a task.

Liabilities and accountability for actions

Responsible means accountable, answerable and liable for meeting the particular obligations in better ways. When this word is connected to an individual, he is responsible to explain why he has done in that manner, he can ask excuses and his acts are open to comments, he may be blamed or he may demand for more compensation for his acts. Here, the virtue of professional responsibility implies a willingness or desire to be accountable for one’s conduct.

Blameworthiness or Praise worthiness

Responsible becomes blameworthy under the circumstances where wrong doings are the outcomes of a conduct of an individual and the responsible is praiseworthy when the right conduct is the outcome. So, the question arises “Who is responsible for designing the large building?”or. Who is blameworthy for its falling down? or Who is praiseworthy for its success in withstanding a severe storm?

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