Typical BJT Characteristics and Maximum Ratings

Table summarises the characteristics of some typical bipolar junction transistors for different applications, where IC max is the maximum collector current, VCE  max is the maximum collector – mitter voltage, PTOT max is the maximum device power dissipation, and hfe is the typical value of common-emitter current gain.

Transistor characteristics and maximum ratings

IC max
VCE max
PTOT max
hfe typical
BC108 n-p-n 100 mA 20V 300 mW 125 General-purpose small-signal
BCY70 n-p-n 200 mA −40V 360 mW 150 General-purpose small-signal
2N3904 n-p-n 200 mA 40V 310 mW 150 Switching
BF180 n-p-n 20 mA 20V 150 mW 100 RF amplifier
2N3053 n-p-n 700 mA 40V 800 mW 150 Low-frequency amplifier/driver
2N3055 n-p-n 15A 60V 115 W 50 Low-frequency power
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