What is a Meteorite?

A meteorite is a solid chunk of space junk that crashes to the planet’s surface. It is a natural object that made it through the atmosphere of Earth and down to the earth.

Depending on where in the solar system they came from, meteorites can have varied compositions since they are formed of different kinds of rocks and minerals. Some meteorites are created by asteroids, while others are created by comets, the Moon, or even Mars.

Sizes of meteorites can range significantly, from tiny pebbles to huge boulders. They can travel at extraordinarily high speeds and temperatures before entering Earth’s atmosphere, when they heat up and melt. The meteorite’s outer layer may cool and harden as they slow down, forming a thin crust.

In isolated locations where they are less likely to be disturbed or damaged, like deserts or the polar regions, meteorites are most commonly discovered. Their distinctive look, which frequently includes a dark, uneven surface and a high metallic content, makes them easy to recognise.

Finding out more about meteorites can help us understand the early solar system and the processes that shaped it. In order to better understand the formation and evolution of planets, including Earth, scientists can examine the chemical makeup of meteorites.

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