What is an Asteroid?

A tiny, rocky or metallic object that circles the sun is called an asteroid. The asteroid belt, which spans the space between Mars and Jupiter’s orbits, is where the majority of asteroids are found. While others have orbits that bring them closer to Earth and other planets, some asteroids do.

Asteroids can range in size from small rocks only a few metres across to massive asteroids with diameters of several hundred kilometres. Ceres, the biggest asteroid in the asteroid belt, with a diameter of around 590 miles (940 km).

It is thought that asteroids are remnants of the solar system’s over 4 billion year old creation. The study of asteroids can reveal details about the genesis of planets and the early history of our solar system.

When asteroids’ orbits bring them too close to Earth, they may occasionally pose a hazard to the planet. The environment might be severely damaged by a massive asteroid impact, which could possibly trigger mass extinctions. As a result, efforts are made to monitor and research potentially dangerous asteroids so that, if necessary, deflecting measures might be developed.

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