What is on iPad Pro 2020 Specification

Display – Liquid Retina Technology

The edge to edge liquid retina display is not only gorgeous and immersive but also features incredibly advanced technologies. Like promotion true tone and industry leading color accuracy which make everything feel responsive and look stunning.

Quite simply this combination of features make in the world’s most advanced mobile display.

iPad cameras think deeper

Pro cameras –   iPad pro camera is advanced combined with a large display fast performance and highly calibrated sensors capable. The wide and new Ultra wide cameras help you frame the perfect photos or videos. Together with studio quality mics and 4 speaker audio you can even set up a multi camera film making rig.

    • New 10MP Ultra Wide Camera 
    • 12MP Wide Camera

LiDAR Scanner

Light Detection and Ranging is used to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. It is advanced it’s being used by NASA for the next mars landing mission. And it’s now been engineered to fit in the thin and light iPad Pro.

The custom designed LiDAR Scanner uses direct time of flight to measure reflected light from up to five meters away, both indoors and out. It works at the photon level, operates at nanosecond speed and open up tremendous possibilities for augmented reality and beyond.

AR – Augmented Reality

On the new iPad Pro Augmented Reality application become even more realistic. Placing AR object now happens instantly. Realistic objects occlusion allows AR object to pass in front of and behind real world structures. Improved motion captured and people occlusion are more accurate than ever. Developers will be able to create even more immersive experiences.

Shoot and Edit

    • Shoot 4K Video
    • Take Ultra Wide Photos

The iPad Pro camera system makes incredibly versatile. Shoot & edit and share a 4K video  all on the same device. Capture an entire room in one shot with Ultra wide angle camera & use markup to redesign it on the spot. Or scan a document sign or mark it up with Apple pencil then send back your notes with a tap.

Camera True Depth

Front facing true depth camera enables Face ID the world’s most secure facial authentication in a tablet and in a computer. It also means you can chat with friends using face time take portrait selfies, liven up your messages conversations by turning your self into an animojis.

    • TrueDepth Camera – 7MP photos
    • 1080p HD Video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps
    • f/2.2

Performance – A12Z

Faster than you can say Personal Computer, A12Z Bionic chip iPad Pro is so fast it outpaces most computers available today. It make everything you do fast and fluid from you everyday takes to graphics intensive work flows. And the 8 core graphics processor means even more performance and realism for the application and game where it matters most.

    • Faster than most PC Laptops
    • 8 Core Graphics 
    • A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture 
    • Neural Engine
    • Embedded M12 coprocessor

Pro work flow

New A12Z Bionic is designed to be put to work especially with pro application. The 8 core graphics processor delivers fluid performance for things like 4K video editing 3D design and augmented reality.

Enhanced thermal design means higher peak and longer sustained performance critical for pro work flows. The apple designed neural engine enables on device machine learning ready for the next generation of pro application.

Multitasking  – iPad OS is designed to harness the power and performance of iPad Pro. Lightning fast hardware and powerful software designed in concert to make every interaction snappy and smooth.

Magic Keyboard

    • Attaches Magnetically
    • Floating Design
    • Smooth Angle Adjustment
    • USB-C Port Chargers iPad Pro 


The all new magic keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro. It features the best typing experience ever on Apple iPad, a track pad that opens up new ways to work with iPad OS, USB-C port for pass through charging and front and back protection. Features a floating cantilever design allowing you to attach iPad Pro magnetically and smooth adjust.

Full size keyboard designed for iPad Pro brings individual hard keycaps and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel for a responsive, comfortable, and quiet typing experience.

Trackpad Reimagined – The click anywhere track pad opens up a whole new way to work in iPad Operating System. It allows control of the new cursor in iPad OS, which is perfect for tasks like editing a spreadsheet, selecting text or simple doing everything right from trackpad.

Apple Pencil ✎

      • Attaches Magnetically

      • Pairs And Charges Wirelessly

      • Create

      • Take Notes

      • Double Tab To Change Tools

      • Mark up


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