What Would Happen if Apophis Hit Earth?

Astronomers have been concerned about the near-Earth asteroid Apophis because it could collide with Earth. When the asteroid was found in 2004, there was considerable worry that it might hit the Earth in 2029. Even if later observations ruled out a direct collision in 2029, there is still a remote chance that one will occur in 2068.

The impact of Apophis striking Earth would release a tremendous amount of energy, roughly equal to several hundred nuclear bombs. The size, speed, angle of entry, and location of the asteroid’s impact would all affect how the planet would be affected.

Apophis would have disastrous effects if it struck a populated region. An enormous explosion caused by the immediate collision would level structures and cause extensive damage. The impact would also produce a tremendous shockwave that would rip across the atmosphere, wreaking more havoc.

A significant amount of dust and debris would be sent into the sky as a result of the impact, blocking out the sun’s rays and creating a “nuclear winter” effect. Global climate cooling, decreased agricultural output, and severe starvation would result from this.

In conclusion, the Earth and its inhabitants would suffer greatly from a hit by Apophis. Even though there are now few chances of this occurring, it emphasises the significance of continuing to watch near-Earth objects and developing plans to lessen any threats they might present.

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