Workers Behind the Scene in DBMS – Databases and Database Users

In addition to those who design, use, and administer a database, others are associated with the design, development, and operation of the DBMS software and system environment. These persons are typically not interested in the database content itself. We call them the workers behind the scene, and they include the following categories:

  • DBMS system designers and implementers design and implement the DBMS modules and interfaces as a software package. A DBMS is a very complex software system that consists of many components, or modules, including modules for implementing the catalog, query language processing, interface processing, accessing and buffering data, controlling concurrency, and handling data recovery and security. The DBMS must interface with other system software such as the operating system and compilers for various programming languages.
  • Tool developers design and implement tools the software packages that facilitate database modeling and design, database system design, and improved performance. Tools are optional packages that are often purchased separately. They include packages for database design, performance monitoring, natural language or graphical interfaces, prototyping, simulation, and test data generation. In many cases, independent software vendors develop and market these tools.
  • Operators and maintenance personnel (system administration personnel) are responsible for the actual running and maintenance of the hardware and software environment for the database system.

Although these categories of workers behind the scene are instrumental in making the database system available to end users, they typically do not use the database contents for their own purposes.

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