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Sensors and Transducers – Type of Sensors

Sensors and Transducers Sensors transducers are devices which produce proportional output signal (mechanical, electrical. magnetic, ctc.) when exposed to a physical phenomenon (pressure, temperature, displacement, force, etc.). Many devices require sensors for...
Microprocessor Based Controllers

Microprocessor Based Controllers in Mechatronics

Microprocessor Based Controllers Microprocessors are essential to many of the products we use every day such as TVs, cars, radios, home appliances and of course, computers. Microprocessor-based controllers are also called as...
Definition of functionvideo

Definition of Function in C – User Defined Functions

Definition of Function in C A function definition, also known as function implementation shall include the following elements 1. function name; 2. function type; 3. list of parameters; 4. local variable declarations; 5. function statements; and 6. a...